Draping Classes

Draping Classes

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THIS COURSE HAS 2 classes included (class #2 is included in price and can be booked with class #1 or at later date)

2 Day Class*
2.5 Hours Each
Southfield, MI 48076


Knowledge of patterns and pattern parts are HIGHLY suggested. Demonstrations of draping on dress form will be shown in this class. Students will leave with the knowledge of dress form guidelines and measurement points. Both woven and non woven draping will be taught.

No sewing is done in class! Homework will be assigned

In this class students will learn to create patterns from scratch using textbook, basic math and a set of various rulers. Class 1 will consist of measuring dress form, understanding point of measure, patternmaking terms and tools descriptions and pattern design. Class 2 will consist of completing and modifying pattern pieces by using skills taught in previous class and pattern manipulation technique. By the completion of  course, students will have created their custom pattern block using pattern making techniques to create unique design. Students will walk away with the skillset of how to both create patterns from scratch and how to manipulate already made patterns. Basic math and understanding of ruler is needed. Supply kits are included in class price and will be needed for all classes.

•Learn to measuring dress form
•Learn point of measure, patternmaking terms and tools descriptions and pattern design.
•Complete and modifying pattern pieces
•Learn pattern manipulation technique. 
•Create their custom pattern block 
Supply kit includes book, draping tools bag/case, variety of rulers, measuring tape with factions, pattern making tools, weights, notebook and pens/pencils.