Don't want to miss out on an item?

We offer PAYMENT PLANS. Plans are set up with 3 installment payments. The first payment is the deposit and is non refundable and due at the end of the LAYAWAY setup. The last 2 recurring payments are processed every 2 weeks. Payments are processed on the same day of the week. After the final payment is processed, your item will automatically ship.

If LAYAWAY PLAN is $109 and placed on Wednesday, March 1st, the layaway plan will be as follow:

  • Wednesday, March 1st; $36.33 (Deposit, non refundable) = Balance: $72.67
  • Wednesday, March 15th; $36.33 (1st recurring payment) = Balance: $36.33
  • Wednesday, March 29th; $36.33 (final recurring payment) = Balance: $0